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Grayshott Sleep Clinic: weekending by myself

October 9, 2009

I am a social person. Too social – I can get morose and fidgety when I don’t have plans or company. So it’s a trifle odd that I’ve ended up at one of the UK’s most romantic retreats, Grayshott Spa in Hampshire, on my own. I am here for a sleep clinic to see if my insomnia can be helped by a weekend of consultations and relaxation. I just kind of signed up for it, vaguely remembering that the last time I went solo for a weekend, I had a lovely, rejuvenating time. But it’d odd. I arrived at Haslemere station and took a taxi through the dark mist to Grayshott, leaving London and pubs and friends in a different world. A good-looking, very loved up couple were in front of me at reception. Girlfriends clustered everywhere simping champagne in their slippers. And there’s me, in my room with its plush big bed and sexy as hell bath – and no one to share it with. Boo hoo? No way. I went down for dinner and was thoughtfully seated at the “shared table” – big sign saying this – and had a lovely old time with Pam, Anne and Patty, three ladies over 60 (Pam was in her 70s or 80s) and we talked about sleep, Boston, the War and north London. I’ve got the Charlie’s Angels DVD and I plan to take a hot bath, read Hello in it, and watch the movie. Even if I don’t learn to sleep better, at least I may learn that I am well and truly my own best company. Mind you, being in a £250 per night country hotel doesn’t hurt.

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