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The Bigger the Bill, The Bigger the Ego Boost

October 31, 2009

Men may complain about always having to pick up the tab, and perhaps always having to do it is a bore. But doing it sometimes, and extravagantly, is thrilling, which must be why they like to wine and dine us on occasion. It’s pure ego massage.

I flexed my magnanimity and (minimal) financial power on Thursday night, when I took my boyfriend out for dinner on his birthday. It was an expensive meal – let’s just say I was hitting above my monetary weight – and we didn’t skimp. In fact, I didn’t skimp. It was two glasses of champagne here, wine there, cocktails on their way, and how about another side dish? The main event was steak, and the bill came to a lot. When my boyfriend saw it, he grimaced and offered to pay for some. “No no!” I declared with a flourish. “It’s on me. It is your birthday after all.” When the waiter came round with the card machine, I handed him my card with an assertive “I’ll take that”.  Doing this as a woman is even better – he had kind of expected, out of habit, for the guy to pay, even though in this case it was the guy’s birthday. “I’ll take that” felt like a punch in the air for feminism, and the carefree, expressionless way in which I scanned the bill added to the effect.

Of course, I’ll be taking a rain check on spending for the next week or so and the birthday boy cooked dinner last night for me. But paying for a big, overtly expensive dinner was so pleasant, so gratifying, so controlling (yes!), that I can see myself rather liking to do it every now and then. Just don’t tell the boyfriend. Or anyone else, for that matter, mwah ha ha.

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  1. The boyfriend permalink
    November 3, 2009 10:30 am

    Thank you again baby.It was a great eve.xx

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