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New York Men: Great at Online Dating

December 27, 2009

So I’m back in the US, at home, and some of my friends here are single. Not many, to be fair. But one, a gorgeous blond named Karen who could easily be mistaken for a model, is one

Grab a cool New York man - online

of them – apparently the New York pool of bar-hopping men is gloomier than even a London woman can imagine (no wonder the stories you hear about dating in New York make your blood freeze – they’re based on the truth).

But despite their frustrating, bewildering “superiority” and “asexuality” (this is what I hear from my single New York girlfriends), New York men have one major advatage over their British counterparts. They know how to do online dating.

Now, I am one of those awful prideful snobs who cringes slightly at the idea of internet dating of any description, who slightly scorns it, in truth, and feels above it. But that is my problem. And, in part, an understandable one given the kind of men British-based sites throw up, in my limited personal experience.

But my hot single friend Karen from New York is trying out a free dating site called Okcupid (she’s not sitting around moping and feeling superior like I might, only might, do). Now, usually when my hot British friends throw in their online chips, I struggle to imagine them finding men as hot/cool/warm (?) etc as they are. Again, probably my ignorance. But when Karen showed me some of the guys she was in touch with, including one that she thought was “really cute”, a whole new world seemed to appear before my eyes. I read this guy’s profile and was immediately swooning – I forgot my superiority and cringe-feeling and read on. This guy was articulate, genuine, interested in many things, and had thought through his life in a way that made him deeply appealing as a potential partner. I am a stickler for tone- nothing is worse than those desperate, exclamation-ridden, cliche-ridden profiles. This one was neither sarcastic and above itself (ie, this guy had made his peace with online dating), nor dull and pedantic. It was a real description of a person and I think I’d struggle to compose something that thoughtful and genuine.

He was good looking, too. Not a desperate freak. Not a guy that couldn’t meet girls, but clearly one who – being thoughtful and self-revealed- was tired of girls that weren’t all good.

I looked at more profiles. It was hard to find a cringey one. I would even consider going on such a site myself. The cute guy has written back to Karen, to her joy, and it sounds like they’re going to pop along to the Neue Gallery, having already dicussed a mutual interest in modern art, esp Klimt. Plus, if it’s good enough for a drop-dead gorgeous, lovely friend of mine, it should be good enough for me. I just have to move to New York first…

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  1. karen permalink
    December 27, 2009 8:47 pm

    love! so accurate! you have to move to new york, and this guy has to get back from his holidays in Ohio!!

  2. March 5, 2010 2:33 pm

    I think internet dating is here to stay and it does seem that New York men lead the world in that department.

    Maybe I should move there myself :0)

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