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Icy Weather Teaches Fashionistas a Lesson

January 7, 2010

Most of the year it’s those of us who really give little hoot about fashion that suffer. That’s because – as uninterested as we are in it – we do live in a society where fashion is religion, worshiped by stars, wannabes and almost every female that is old enough to be conscious. It gets to you when you find the predominant cultural interest of your sex really quite alien and pointless – and a black hole for cash to boot. For one thing, when reading glossies, you have to tire your fingers out getting through the endless product pages and on to something more interesting, like celebrity gossip. Then there’s the niggling awareness that you’re probably being judged on things you aren’t even aware of – like the fabric of your tights or the size of your snood – by the armies of fashionistas among us.

But now those of us who stick to boring timeless classics such as boot-cut jeans, Converse and Gap sweaters because we love comfort so much more than style – are laughing. That is because we find ourselves both abundantly equipped for the heavy duty but unfashionable wear required by the weather – and uncompromised by the wardrobe’s limitations. My outfit this last few days has been a uniform I’ve felt utterly at home in: snow boots from Snow and Rock (NOT Marc Jacobs – but the real deal. I took then king crab fishing in Norway a few years ago), Snow and Rock leggings (that have become baggy with use and have nothing to do with the trendier likes of jeggings and so on), worn under baggy black sweatpants, “teamed with” a tshirt from H&M bought in ’07 and kept for sheer comfort and a brown corded v-neck sweater from the Gap, also purchased some years ago. My coat is a furry, unstructured monster of a thing, but it does have a belt to it and thus looks a bit trendy. I have a ski jacket as backup for when it gets really icy – and I’m not afraid to wear it.

Those women who have made painful and expensive skyscraper heels and stiletto boots the mainstay of their foot wardrobe are either falling on their tooshes or filled with self loathing as they’re forced to wear boring old warm and practical snow boots (unless they’ve made their peace with Uggs) with woolly socks and warm trousers. None of your jeggings and miniskirts this January, O Fashion Followers. It must be hard for you, but maybe a brief spell of enforced prioritisation of practicality over fashion will teach you that the endless scramble to stay trendy may be hollower than you thought, while comfort feels so much better, and – in general – costs less and lasts longer.

Fashionable boots won't help you in the snow and ice.

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