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Your dorks are my hotties

January 20, 2010

Does mean anything to you? Not to me either. It happens to be something to do with a “confidence interval” – I have no idea what that is, either. I just googled “mathematical formula”. But while you may be rolling your eyes and switching off because the symbols are math and most people think math is boring, I have to confess that I find it beautiful, and people who know what this and formulas like it mean, pretty appealing. Sexy, even.

That’s right: there’s something very sexy indeed about maths. It’s a multi-dimensional language of self-reference, inference, conditions and certainties. And infinities. And it manages to do all this- plus explain physics and the universe- without ever resorting to a word. How hot is that?

Now, you might think mathmeticians are strange at best and droolingly geeky at worst (or, most of the time). But I can sit for hours listening to them talk about algebraic topography – or mathematical surfaces such as applies to an 18-dimension donut – and string theory. By the end of it, I’m always considering this person, if they are male (apart from my vector-analysis aceing brother), as my future husband. And let me tell you a secret: they don’t always have big horn-rimmed bifocals or premature balding or twitches (well, usually a twitch I suppose), or beaver-esque overbites. No, mathmeticians can be hot – just like the first man I ever truly, truly, truly fancied, let’s call him Minus. He played the drums, he was into jazz, he smoked pot, and he had effortless biceps and abs. Drooling geek? I don’t think so. He’s now doing a phD in math at Columbia – and I’d still have him in a second.

My point is proved further by the decision of Danika McKellar, the girl that played heart-throb Winnie Cooper in The Wonder Years. That actress did nothing short of enroll in UCLA and major in math, becoming a tour de force in the department there and having an EQUATION named after her. Her two books, Math Doesn’t Suck and Kiss My Math (so brilliantly named they bear no further comment), which help middle school girls appreciate mathematics, will be published in the UK in September. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. And hey, maybe this time I’ll actually learn something so that next time I gaze dreamily into the eyes of the man explaining recursive formulas or confidence equations, I’ll be able to ask intelligent questions.

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  1. January 21, 2010 5:42 pm

    Maths boys can play chess without board and pieces. That’s not the half of it! Cx

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