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6 Reasons to Love Ryanair

April 27, 2010

I used to be like you – I hated the Ryanair experience.

Now I don’t. I love it.

Here’s why:

1. They actually don’t give a toss about hand luggage; I have taken 4 flights with Ryanair recently where I have casually boarded the plane with an outsized mini suitcase (the maximum size for ALL airlines’ handluggage) and a great big handbag, and a few other little bags. Nobody even looked at me funnily, or seemed to notice. I could have got away with carrying a dog on board. This is the result of…

2. Boarding passes before you fly. Now this makes the whole thing so easy it’s funny. You sail past security with your generous quotient of hand luggage – after all no snooty Ryaniar lady is there to chastise you and charge you extra and make you check in that handbag at check-in and by the time you’re at the gate, nobody cares – and bam, there with bags of time and minimal hassle. Since you can now comfortably carry everything with you in handluggage for a weekend, this makes for a very efficient experience.

3. The colour scheme. Yellow and blue used to make me feel ill. Now it makes me chuckle. And that harp! What a logo.

4. The in-flight magazine. This is merely another area where Ryanair plays to its strengths: a diverse and enormous readership. I recall laughing my head off at their attempt at an inflight magazine a few years ago when I went to Riga. There weren’t even proper sentences. But now, it’s a work of some distinction – glossy, useful, and with people like columnist Zoe Williams writing in it. Class.

5. That nobody is allowed to sleep, lending it a party atmosphere and one of conviviality. This is caused by the endless loud annoucements and attempts to flog things, from smoke-free cigarettes to “gourmet hot drinks” (tea), to Terravision tickets to Stansted Express tickets to Hertz rental car deals to your average duty free. The attendants proclaiming these things over the microphone always seem quite chilled out – or jolly – and they cheer me up when sometimes plane rides can be dull and depressing. And, they don’t mind manouvering their SMALL trolleys out of the way if you need the loo during their circuit.

6. The trumpet riff at the end – duh duh duh duh, duh-duh – when the plane lands on time AGAIN. Touchdown – and while the breaks are still screeching, you have the merry fanfare proclaiming something the airline has very good cause to boast about: “Rynair has landed yet another on time flight…”. Take that, BA. Long live Ryanair.

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