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Livers and the single girl

July 21, 2010

Being single is fun, but not for your liver. (Photo:

There is one big downside to being single that nobody talks about much. It’s got nothing to do with feeling unloved and scared in bed alone at night. No, it’s the toll going solo takes on the liver. There is not a shadow of a doubt that single people drink far more alcohol than their coupled cohorts – after all, and I used to chew over this smugly when I was in a relationship, what’s the point of getting battered when you aren’t going to go home with anyone (new)? Without our friend the bottle-of-wine-and-go-on-anotherone-and-tequila-shot-and-sambuca, we’d be far less brave and far less likely to sally forth up to objects of lust – wine goggles not withstanding.

But for all the fun and games of booze-fuelled singles’ japes, and the great photo-stories you get to post on FB and tell your friends (your coupled ones will chuckle wistfully from on high), there is a very real danger to health in pursuing the single life as it has become the norm to do.

Women are meant to have 4 units of alcohol max per day (two small glasses of wine). Well, that’s a laugh. That’s a quiet night in (some of us actually have to remove ourselves from bars if we want to limit alcohol intake – not me, naturally) during the week. Add on the weekends when you’re out (and by definition on the prowl, at least if you’re not following my man diet as explained in a previous post) and you’re clocking up what – 20? 30 units on a big Friday night alone? Puking and memory loss is de rigeur for singles. Yes- the depressed married and coupled do it too sometimes, but rarely. It’s far more fun to go home and have loving sex and you can’t do that if you’re wasted.

Booze intake is so far over the healthy guidelines that it doesn’t bear thinking about for most single women. Yet that won’t make facts disappear – perhaps it’s time to go out on the prowl on personality alone. After all, as my flatmate recently commented after a dry night at Home House, if you can pull on water, that’s quite  compliment.

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  1. married boozer permalink
    July 22, 2010 1:21 pm

    If it’s any comfort Zoe, some married couples know how to knock back the alcohol (with their mustard sandwiches) as well as any single person.

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