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Is it wrong to go silent on a guy because you’ve found out he’s into new age weirdy stuff?

January 22, 2011

Depends how far into a relationship with him you are. Going silent is not a nice thing to do to anyone who has fair expectations of dialogue with you. If its a new thing, it’s more acceptable, but still pretty harsh. As for the new age stuff, that’s as fair a turnoff as any – discovering the guy you’re bonking believes in UFOs either won’t bother you too much (if you’re just with him for the sex) or it’ll freak you out beyond compare. If you were considering going out with this person, then running a mile is a good plan – life’s short and you don’t want to be spending it worshipping the solstice at Stonehenge. As for how to run the mile, maybe you could pretend an alien took away your power of speech?

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