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How do you approach someone you think is good looking in a bar? Or do you even approach?

January 23, 2011

Sure you can approach. Normally I’d say that if you’re the one going after the man, not vice versa, it probably won’t end too well. But in this case he may simply not have seen you. That said, marching up to a guy and offering your shiniest pickup line will present you as Strong, Confident, possibly Sexually Predatory Woman, which appears to “scare” some men. (A lot of guys like it, mind.)

The best of both worlds, then, is to give them the eye, which lures them over to you or inspires them to talk to you when you happen to move in next to them at the bar to ask for a drink. The eye takes nerve, of course. The last thing you want is to give them a mad, hungry, come-and-get-it stare. You want a sweet but intent look. You want to make sure you catch their eye, then look away. You build up rapport this way and talking to them will stop being scary because you will already have lusty water under the bridge.

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