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Why those old fatties at Sky Sports are irrelevant

January 25, 2011

The gurning face of football: these idiots know not what they do

As repellent as it is to learn of Gray’s and Keys’ recording, sacking the two old fatties responsible for the comments is hardly the solution.

The problem, unfortunately, goes far deeper than a couple of off-the-record comments that, I’m fairly sure, most men would snigger at in agreement if given the chance.

Just look at the contrast between the amount of time in which women were utterly deprived of rights or life at all outside the home (millennia) and that in which they’ve technically been able to participate in the world as they choose (a few decades) and you see why some men of limited intelligence are struggling to keep up.

If you were to sack all the men who make crude, offensive and downright stupid comments off the record about women, you’d have a big job on your hands and – unfortunately the way things stand – a big hole in the economy. The solution is not to sack two idiots for talking among themselves. It is to force, if teaching won’t do the job, society’s numerous sexist relics to get over the fact that women are not stupider nor less capable than them. Not because we care what they think, mind, but so that they don’t stand in our way. To do this we must encourage and reward more Hilary Clintons, Condelezza Rices, Karren Bradys and Sian Masseys. Shun housewifery and get out there ladies: the fight’s not over.

Finally, football is overwhelmingly still a man’s game. Playing aside, devotion to it requires a degree of bone-headed, slathering animalism that most women aren’t drawn to. It’s one of the last places men can be relatively free of women and as atavistic as they want. Massey and Brady aren’t enough: there are far too few women in the game for their presence to be normal. Until it is – or until the Grays and Keys of the world get new brains – there are deeper feminist issues to address than a couple of predictable comments about chicks in football. (A version of this article was also printed in City AM).

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