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Men are more romantic than women

February 14, 2011

"Phew! Not in trouble after all."

I’m not making this up., which puts out a yearly Lovegeist report (that’s right: LOVEGEIST), said in the latest one that men are more romantic than women. FACT.

Well, I am willing to believe it. Women have high expectations for romance but men often deliver incredible avowals of romantic feeling – I’ve known of lovey powerpoint presentations, complex ploys involving airplanes and spare keys, chauffeur-driven cars, surprise spa breaks….men do seem able to excel themselves….when they want to. When they want to, though, seems not to be on Valentine’s Day, of which more later.

Today is V-Day (for the next 35 minutes). Despite every last man I know being staunchly opposed to Valentine’s Day, I saw many people today clutching roses with intent. They were all men. At M&S tonight – (where I went on my way home from the gym: my little lover’s gift to myself, those 30 mins of cardio) – the girl at the till said that all evening men had been storming the flower and chocolates. “See that?” she said, pointing to the flower stand. “It was completely empty five minutes ago”. That was at about 8:45pm.

Impressive. But what all this flower and chocolate buying does suggest is tokenism – men know that they need to produce something to keep the ball and chain happy. Arriving home empty handed will probably lead to a fight. Can’t blame the dudes – sometimes just giving in to the pressures of a day you don’t believe in is a good way to go.

I never thought I’d say this but maybe women need to change their tune. I’m one of many that have given boyfriends grief over V-Day – my last one was thoroughly unmoved by it and I threatened to take it VERY personally indeed. He gave in and took me out for dinner and gave me some flowers, but of course I’d ruined it by making a fuss of it. My expectations were the feature of the day – and overshadowed any true romantic feeling.

Men are more romantic – Match says so. So if we lay off the importance of VDay (within reason – roses and chocolates would not be dismissed by me under most circumstances), our men may still shine on other days. Power point presentation, anyone?

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